Christopher Whall Painting Restored

Towards the end of 2016 the Trustees were able to announce the completion of the first major project to be undertaken by the Trust: the restoration and conservation of the Christopher Whall painting in the Lady Chapel. This painting, by one of the major artists/craftsmen of the Arts and Craft movement, had become encrusted with dust and smoke particles over the years but, thanks to the very generous financial support of one of the Friends of the Trust, we were able to engage one of the most experienced conservators in the North of England and over a 6-8 week period he was able to bring the picture back to full glory. At a gathering of the Friends of the Trust we were able formally to thank the donor and to reveal the restored painting.

These pictures show the restoration project half way through and again at completion. The pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of the finished project!

Christopher Whall painting half way through restoration

Christopher Whall painting after restoration

The Trustees will be working with the Church to improve the lighting in the Lady Chapel to further improve the environment in that area.